Friday, June 27, 2008

Why I love the French

My newest favourite is a Frenchman named Gregoire, from Marseilles. And when I say he's a Frenchman, I mean he is every inch a Frenchman. He has shaggy, greasy hair, he walks in very short cutoffs, chainsmokes Galuoises while he walks, drinks red wine by the gallon and every second word is "fuck."

Last night as we were all sitting around at dinner, there weren't enough wine glasses to go around, so the man sitting next to me poured wine into his (empty) beer glass. Gregoire wagged a finger in his face and said, "I hope you're doing the Camino as penance for that. On your knees." I like a man who takes these things seriously.

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Joel said...

I get more jealous every day.