Wednesday, July 2, 2008


443km to Santiago.

I don't particularly like my guidebook. It's full of inaccuracies and John Brierly's "helpful" tips for spiritual development and excerpts from his personal journal which make me think that he was - quite rightly - slapped around in school quite a bit as a child. But I can forgive him all that for this one paragraph, reviewing a hostel that I opted not to stay at:

"For a decidedly down-market experience try Victorino's at the top of town which offers very basic accommodation and a pilgrim meal eaten at a communal table. Victorino is one of the colourful characters along the camino and can drink a litre of wine from a porron (jug with spout) without drawing breath, and frequently does, so the menu is somewhat variable. A log fire adds to the convivial atmosphere if the night is cold but beware of amorous advances if you're on your own."


Joel said...

Hi Rach! Last night we were with Bishop Danisa from Zimbabwe, who is in town for a conference and staying at our home. I was telling about your adventure and jokingly suggested one day he should try the Camino. His response was great. "Ahhh no. Not me. I'll not walk 800km simply to embrace a statue at the end of the day." I love Zimbabweans. They are eminently practical.

Rachel said...

The good bishop makes an excellent point. Is he the one who also said that there was only one reason he would climb Lupate: if he needed firewood and there was firewood at the top?

DG said...

Rachel, I am so glad someone else thinks John Brierley's spiritual comments suggest he has, perhaps, lost his marbles. I came to that conclusion after reading his first entry, about climbing half-way up the Pyrennees before deciding his spiritual guides were right & he wasn't in the "right frame of mind" & walking ALL THE WAY BACK TO SJPdP. Sorry, but unless my guides are telling me to avoid an on-coming train, I'm taking what they say under advisement.

Sounds like you're having a great time! Enjoy your Camino!