Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I thought that walking 800km across Spain was a pretty badass way to spend my summer vacation, but so far I've met the following people who are crazier than I am:

  • Andre, a Danish guy who is running the Camino in marathon-length chunks every day
  • An Austrian couple who started walking in Austria. He is a bearded giant with a tattoo of the Virgin Mary on his left shoulder and one of Jesus on his right, and if you don't find that totally adorable, then you and I could never party together.
  • A guy who zoomed past me one day saying, "I've been walking since Khazakstan, and you could do it too! Drink lots of water and stretch every day!" (Gregoire: See? I told you they all turn into mystics after two months.)
  • And, most impressively, Sam. Sam has been walking since Le Puy, which is about 1500km east of Santiago. His knees are covered with scrapes, because he has cerebral palsey which means he falls down a lot. He takes his time, and usually stumbles into the albergue a few hours after the rest of us, but always just in time to make everyone else in the room look like a total pussy.


megsheff said...

So where are you by now?
I'm lost.

Rachel said...

I'm in Santa Catalina, about 260km away from Santiago.